The Coin Carvery
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   Howdy y’all   The Process of the art of ‘Coin Carving’

   The process of hand-carved coins commences with the careful selection of suitable coins, meaning that the coins to be carved are, if not in mint condition, free from nicks, dents and scratches.


   Andy’s “hi-tech” apparatus for holding and carving the coin is a home-made masterpiece with many improvements added over time.  The bed-lamp now has LED lights which radiate a cool, bright light.

Andy Jenkins At-Work

   Holes are drilled in the coins to enable the saw blade to cut each section.  The extremely fine saw blade is used to carve around the main features, as well as wording and dates which are to be left on the coins.



   Magnified glasses are essential for the close work involved and an extremely steady hand is required for carving.

   When these processes have been completed the coins are despatched to the gold plater.

   On their return the coins are then ready for assembling.
    Pendants are displayed on presentation chains in Coin Carvery packaging.
    Earrings are boxed as pairs and also similarly displayed.

Australian Penny